Trade since 130 Years

Trade since 1881

Founding 1881

Ropes, shackles, food - in 1881 Johannes Prätorius founds his trading company in Kappeln with this assortment. In subsequent years Prätorius develops into a typical ship's chandler of that time and is continued through the two World Wars by the second and third generation of the Prätorius family.

The 1960s

The business changes in the 1960s:
Johannes Prätorius Jr. takes over his father's company. Recognizing the trend he starts to supply shipping companies' fleets for shopping tourism with duty-free goods. At Prätorius the wholesale era begins.

Prätorius develops its expertise as a wholesaler. The business becomes more international.

Entrepreneurial vision since 1999

The owners' entrepreneurial vision ensures that even though shopping tourism between Germany and Denmark was ended by the EU in 1999 the trading company's success continues.

New sales markets are tapped into. Whether the German Navy, NATO or cruise ship companies, they are all Prätorius' customers.

Facts & Figures

Warehouse capacity, employees and partners... Here is a quick overview of the most important facts about Prätorius.

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Ausbildungsplatz zum/zur Fachinformatiker Fachrichtung Systemintegration

Wir bieten Ihnen zum 01.08.2021 in unserem Hauptsitz in Neumünster einen

Ausbildungsplatz zum/zur Fachinformatiker Fachrichtung Systemintegration (Mit vielen Tätigkeiten...

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The Team

Far-sighted, diligent, conscientious – our staff members bring their individual traits and skills to the table...

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Vertriebsmitarbeiter im Innendienst (m/w/d) / Kaufmann/-frau Groß- und Außenhandel

Für unseren Standort in Neumünster suchen wir ab sofort einen Vertriebsmitarbeiter im Innendienst (m/w/d)

Ihre Aufgaben:
- Vertriebstätigkeit im Innendienst
- Angebot-...

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Our Know-How

We are AOE certified. With the highest of three possible ranks, the certification process attested Prätorius to be working with processes in import, export, customs and logistics that are conforming to the law, transparent and efficient...

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