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Cruise Ships

As partner of the cruise industry, we deliver to cruise ships worldwide. From purchase and supply management to packing of goods, our processes are synchronized to ensure that our cruise customers receive their goods at their port of destination in time.

For many years now we experience a steady growth in this area, above and beyond the general growth of the cruise market.

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Duty Free

Over many generations and across various locations, our path led us from conventional ship supplier to international duty free and travel value wholesaler. Our logistics base in Neumünster, with its central position in Schleswig-Holstein, close to our customers and logistics partners, will be the springboard for further growth in years to come.

Duty free today is more than delivering to airports and ships. Free-trade areas, military shops and border shops, as well as cruise ships and airlines are among our customers.

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Be it Simple delivery, shelf setup or a complete store concept, we are your partner in duty free retail. In cooperation with manufacturers and industry partners, we offer an extensive range of products and frequent special promotions, drawing from our experience with our own duty free and travel value shops.

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For our customers in export, we offer an extensive range of goods in various categories. We also offer to hold available customized article catalogs. Handling complex customs regulations is part of our daily business as international wholesaler.

We are AOEF certified. With the highest of three possible ranks, the certification process attested Prätorius to be working with processes in import, export, customs and logistics that are conforming to the law, transparent and efficient.

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Prätorius sells brand products. Be it spirits, cigarettes, soft drinks or chocolate, by the box or by the truckload, low price or luxury: we can deliver.

This requires extensive wholesale experience as well as a solid capital .resources As wholesalers, we are economically sound. Our customers have been relying on us for decades, and rightly so.

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Starting of as military supplier in Germany, we are now acting as a partner for various military facilities and units as well as humanitarian operations. Our team develops and manages trade and logistics concepts for our partners.

We team up with logistics companies whose expertise lies in safely delivering goods to difficult destinations. Together with our industry partners, we develop individualized ranges of goods to meet our customers´ needs.

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