CO2 - Reduction

Praetorius focuses on CO2 reduction: electric cars and recycled stretch film

As a medium-sized logistics company, we have set ourselves the goal of reducing our ecological footprint and are relying on various measures to minimize CO2 emissions.
One important step in this process was the purchase of electric vehicles to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases. By using electric cars, the company was able to significantly reduce its emissions without having to compromise on the performance and efficiency of the vehicles.

Another CO2 reduction measure was to reduce the consumption of wrapping film. The company now relies on a more sustainable alternative that produces less waste and therefore has less impact on the environment. Instead of conventional stretch film, the company now uses recycled stretch film. By using recycled material, the environmental impact is further reduced and less waste is produced.

These CO2 reduction measures are an important step for our company to reduce our environmental footprint and become more sustainable. The use of electric cars and recycled stretch film are not only more environmentally friendly, but also more economical and can help save costs. We are thus demonstrating that it is possible to reconcile ecological and economic goals while contributing to sustainability.

Praetorius is constantly striving to take further measures to reduce CO2 and will work towards sustainable and environmentally friendly logistics in the long term.
We would like to make our contribution to climate protection.

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